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¿What is 2digitalradioHD?

¿Is a new internet radio?, ¿a new station?, these were some of the questions asked many of our customers and associates to meet the first pre-release videos, but now know that 2digitalradioHD, is the channel; The means by which broadcasters and terrestrial radio stations and online around the world can distribute its signal via the internet with the best quality.

¿Why 2digitalradioHD appears?
Well, our company VOICE RECORDING is in the multimedia solutions market since 2002, have spent several years and now one of our specialties is the Streaming ... if you remember before the Streaming signals were quite complex, not only in format, if not for the high consumption of bandwidth for both the sender and the receiver, so even if the stations wanted to get a very good quality only some users could hear and receive this signal continuously and stable.

Over time the format changed and of course access to these signals is facilitated, but not all systems were compatible, had to hire
Different vendors and even install some plugin and programs for users to hear its signal. Even in some cases are still required, for this reason was created 2digitalradioHD.

We can safely say that we are the channel through which they break those barriers I mentioned earlier...
No more connection problems, no more incompatibilities between systems or applications, reduced bandwidth consumption of both the sender and recipient, a real chance to broadcast from anywhere on the planet and the best ... your signal live and will be broadcast live in high definition.

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