MP3 - HD

Our MP3 signals are transmitted under the strictest controls re-broadcast worldwide in various quality of transmission, from 24Kb up to 320 KB, our company always suggests that the transmission quality oscillate within the 48 Kb 96 Kb for Latin America and unfortunately the ISP (Internet access service as ETB, Une, Telefonica, etc.) connections are not yet able to supply high quality data uplink (UPLOAD Speed), which ultimately results signal losses and those called bumps in the flow of transmission, if your radio station or broadcast project is in U.S. or Europe we can provide the highest quality of transmission, we mean a delay (signal delay to the user final), zero (0) seconds. If you are in Latin America, we ensure a delay not exceeding twenty (20) seconds with our player.

It is important to note that if you broadcast in MP3, it means that your station to transmit bad or low quality, NO, we want to be transparent with this issue because other companies are never clear on these issues attempting to sell additional services, including those not able to have an interaction with his listeners, there are systems or companies that will never speak of the existing delay in your signal ... have a delay as mentioned before two (2) minutes to four (4) minutes and This radio is a long time, eventually if you imagine it could be a loss of interactivity, imagine you make a contest and asks his listeners to call your cabin or studio to give away within the first calls a prize you AIR ... would have to wait up to four (4) minutes to enter the first call. Our priority is our clients and their satisfaction.