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2digitalradioHD is a trademark of VOICE RECORDING, company that began operations in 2002 in Bogota, Colombia, since 2006 VOICE RECORDING has made available to all customers streaming to terrestrial & online radio network with conventional formats such as signals in mp3, real audio, Windows media audio and quick time; formats that you still continue to offer around the world as standard, so all customers can enjoy this platform as a first option.

¿Is a new internet radio?, ¿a new station?, these were some of the questions asked many of our customers and associates to meet the first pre-release videos, but now know that 2digitalradioHD, is the channel; The means by which broadcasters and terrestrial radio stations and online around the world can distribute its signal via the internet with the best quality.

Very simply, our technology does not require changes in your usual way to transmit (if you are a frequent user of a streaming service), if you normally emits a signal or music in mp3 format, perhaps in amplitude modulated (AM) or frequency modulated (FM) from your main computer with your favorite program: Shoutcast DSP + Winamp3, Simple Cast or Sam Broadcaster only thing to do is change the format of the signal sent to: AAC Plus v2 one of our servers and east, responsible for re-transmit the audio signal to each of the listeners who connect to your new player.